Orthodontic therapy works to adjust your teeth into a natural and appealing position, improving facial symmetry, bite function, and overall appearance. At Metroplex Dental Centre, we offer traditional orthodontics as well as Invisalign invisible braces for children and adults.


Traditional Fixed Orthodontics (Braces)
The traditional method for fixing malocclusion problems (overbite, underbite, crossbite, crowding, and gaps) in your bite, fixed braces work by applying gentle and consistent pressure to your teeth over time.


Our dental experts will assess your current dental structure and devise a comprehensive treatment plan to move problem teeth into their optimal position.  Brackets will be attached to the front of your teeth, custom-fit to remain comfortable in your mouth.  Through a series of adjustments your fixed braces will deliver predictable and effective results.


Invisalign Clear Braces
Invisalign is a popular alternative to braces when their use is indicated, in particular because of the flexibility and lifestyle advantage.


If you have an overbite, underbite, crossbite, widely spaced or crooked teeth – Invisalign invisible braces can help.


Using a series of custom, clear, removable aligner trays, Invisalign treatment gradually straightens your smile and improves your bite without the inconvenience of metal braces or the social issues associated with “metal mouth”.


Invisalign is a powerful and “lifestyle-friendly” approach to achieving the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, at any age.


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